The Growth of Graphic Art in the World


Graphic art has been around in the world for a long time. It is one of the rare arts of our ancient history that still exists today. Not only their existence but also the way they exist matters today. There are millions of people dependent on it for their living while many have also earned fame. For graphic art, many people have a belief that only the art used to create computer graphics is a part of it. But, the younger generation is unaware of the past, which is why it is so.

Nowadays, it cannot be denied that graphic art has not remained the same. People have adapted to its ways that suit them the most. Although there is nothing wrong with it, studying its development is quite crucial. After all, the possibility to design your interior of a house or playing a video game with beautiful animation, nothing would have been possible without it.

With an increasing population, using graphic art each day, it is crucial to understand its growth in the world.

The Growth of Graphic Art in the World:

Graphic art is a popular art of two-dimensional work that visually represents elements or our environment. Although graphic art has now also taken the three-dimensional shape, it largely remains what it was.

In ancient times, people spent time with this art on the walls of caves, forts, etc.

This is why in ancient Egyptian art, people can be seen doing their work or serving the royal family. It was all only possible because of graphic art. People learned to draw or paint to record information as visuals. If this would not have taken place, people would have never been part of visual art. It is well known that the common human brain remembers information best when it is in visual form. Therefore, the importance of the drawings or paintings increases further.

Popular painters and artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc. are known for their works. These were the artists that carried the memory forward and painted things with their imagination or what they saw around. Many paintings had such a portrayal of reality that they became famous even after the lifetime of the artist. Many artists also tried to encode different messages to talk about their art to the next generation.

Photography is another art that could not have been possible without graphic art. The evolution of graphic art into photography was momentary and remarkable for the entire world. It gave rise to an entirely new industry where people could click pictures, record videos, and present something. This is inspired and started how most of the famous film industries. You can imagine its magnitude that if it had not been in place, the celebrities you know might not be famous today.

Apart from it, the use of technology in the art industry has mattered a lot too. It has taken the art to a completely new level. Now with the help of art-related applications, gadgets, and software, people create animated or visual arts digitally. This is the latest development as graphic art continues to grow.


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